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What platform is the app available on?Classify is currently available on mobile and tablet on both iOS and Android.
Can I put my homework on Classify?Yes! Classify is built to remember all your homework for you; our intuitive design means you'll always stay on top of your work and never miss another deadline.
Does the app support alternate timetables?Yes! Our latest versions give you the option to choose between a standard one week timetable, or a longer fortnightly option. Choose what’s best for you and never be late to class again!
How often is the app updated?We regularly update our app with bug fixes and new features to ensure you have the best experience possible.
Is Classify cross-platform?Classify is available on mobile and tablet, and will soon be available on desktop. All your homework syncs seamlessly through all your devices.
How much space do your updates take?We want Classify to be a staple piece of your device’s home screen, so we focus heavily on minimizing storage usage of the app and all its updates to make sure we don’t take up unnecessary space.
How do I check for the next update?Follow us on Instagram, Twitter, Facebook and LinkedIn to get all our insights and more regular updates.
Who should use Classify?As long as you are a school student, we cater for you. Whether you are the best or the worst organised person in class, Classify can help you improve by providing unparalleled digital support on all aspects of your academic life.
Do I have to study a certain number of subjects to use Classify?There is no subject limit when adding your classes on Classify.
Is Classify free?Classify is free to download from the Google Play Store and App Store.
Where can I interact with other Classify users?You can join the Classify Discord or check out our other socials and join the loving Classify community.
How do I submit a bug I have experienced?Please see below for the contact card. Alternatively, you can email any feedback to info@classify.org.uk.
Where can I sign up for Classify’s newsletter?Sign up for The Weekly Tab on the Blog page, and check out our social pages below for more updates!

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