Classify is constantly improving with new features to enhance your experience.

Version 3 🧑‍🎓

2nd November 2023

Let others organise for you!

Over the past few years, alongside all the other updates we’ve released, we’ve been secretly working in the Classify Labs on a ground-breaking new feature. 🌍

🫂 Your favourite school planner app has just become social.

Introducing Classroom, a platform where friends and classmates can organise your academic homework, timetable, events and clubs for you — entirely in group chats, featuring:

  • Subchats to discuss specific homework and events
  • File sharing (including images)
  • Archive of all files, homework and events, with search!
  • Moderation and customisation tools

Start inviting your friends and classmates to your classes, clubs, projects and events today! 📩

Version 2.3 🔥

24th January 2023

Get in the Zone!

pomodoro timer in zone classify

Zone ☕

A landmark addition, Zone will help you bring your concentration to all new levels. Zone is a distraction-free space with a pomodoro timer, checklist and ambient sounds that are scientifically designed to help you stay focused. With the help of Classify, you can now join the millions of students around the world in adopting this new study technique for work, revision and more.

Timetable week view 🗓️

One of our most highly-requested features to date, our re-imagined week view timetable makes it easier than ever to see what you’ve got going on ahead! We’ve arranged your familiar schedule in an even more familiar calendar view, so you can get an entire week’s timetable at a glance.

Version 2.1 💥

5th November 2021

Stats, file support and more!

2 YEARS! 🎉

The latest version brings in a whole host of requested features and fixes from our largest update, Version 2. We also wanted to say, as we celebrate 2 years of Classify, that we sincerely appreciate every user who’s taken the time to download the app and give it a try. With every update, we feel like we’re getting closer to our original goal, and our community’s support is right at the heart of that. So thanks for 2 years, and here’s to many more. 💜

File support 🗂️

Accessing even more information about your school life is easier than it’s ever been. Add multiple images and documents to your homework to view or refer to at any time.

Stats 📊

For users who wish to track their progress across all sections of the app, this one’s for you! The new stats page allows you to see everything, neatly wrapped in Settings for easy access and to help you stay on track.

After months of market research and listening to our community, here’s all the changes we made:

  • File support
  • Stats page
  • Custom illustrations 🖌️
  • Redesigned homepage
  • Saturday and Sunday options for timetable
  • 12 hour time format
  • Recurring events
  • Checklists for homework
  • Colour coding

Version 2.0 ✨

24th July 2021

Our biggest and greatest update, ever.

Tablet support

As more and more students are using iPadOS and Android tablets in the classroom, we realized how important the tablet will be to the future of education. All the features of our smartphone app on a bigger, better screen in our beautiful new tablet app.


Plan your day outside the classroom by adding in any tasks or chores that you have to complete in our latest addition, Tasks.

We’ve listened to extensive user-feedback and added a bunch more features, the major improvements are:

  • Weekly and monthly calendar viewing options
  • Dark mode
  • Tablet edition
  • Alternating timetable support
  • Dedicated tasks page
  • Improved homework options
  • Clubs and events
  • Add your teachers to timetable and homework
  • Personalized notifications


1st November 2019
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Some designs from the very first iteration of Classify.

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